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I’ve just finished transferring all the content (with a few minor exceptions) from my old website,, to this new website. The few things that I didn’t bring over to the new site were very minor items that (once upon a time) I thought I’d eventually expand, but never got around to. The content transferal, begun by my webmaster Knox Bronson, turned out to be a more time-consuming job than I had anticipated. But now that it’s done, I can start adding new material, or material that has been published elsewhere but that I haven’t gotten around to posting on the Net yet. The latter includes most chapters of my books, Social Psychology and Social Relevance and Personality in Politics, plus various papers and articles originally published in places where the publishers may be fussy about when and where the material is posted. I also have three finished novels and a dozen or so short stories that I could publish here — but the first of the novels and several of the short stories are too weak to see the light of day anywhere, and the third of the novels deserves re-submission to real hard-copy publishers after some further revision. That leaves the second novel, which I still think is pretty funny even though it’s now close to 50 years old … but you don’t have to read it, honest!

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  1. Thanks for asking. I’m not really responsible for the look of the site — it’s partly a standard WordPress pattern and partly the work of my webmaster.

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