Cordwainer Smith and Cyborgs

Steve Silberman, a contributing editor for Wired magazine, has posted an excellent article about Cordwainer Smith on his new blog NeuroTribes: . I supplied some background information on Smith (Paul Linebarger) to Steve, but he did his homework with other sources as well, and provides a very thoughtful reading of Smith’s first published science fiction story, “Scanners Live in Vain.” “Scanners” itself is available free and honestly online from Baen Books (, or you can find it in the Baen Books collection of Smith stories When the People Fell, or even better in the NESFA Press collection of all Cordwainer Smith’s short stories and novellas, The Rediscovery of Man. “Scanners Live in Vain” was written 65 years ago, but it is still a long way from retirement!

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