Cordwainer Smith’s centenary published an article marking the centenary of Cordwainer Smith. My own article in Science Fiction Studies, “Building Alpha Ralpha Boulevard,” was published pretty close to Linebarger’s centenary, July 11, 2013.

A few years ago, the Atlantic published a well-informed piece on Cordwainer Smith, mentioning my work in passing:

The author of the piece, Ted Gioia, is well-known for his books and articles on jazz and other kinds of music. But his blog also deals with a variety of literary topics, often including science fiction.

The 100th birthday of Cordwainer Smith (or Paul Linebarger)¬†was July 11, 2013. On about that date, the scholarly journal Science Fiction Studies published a fairly extensive paper by me on one of Cordwainer Smith’s best stories, “Alpha Ralpha Boulevard”. The paper will eventually constitute most of one chapter in my biography of Paul Linebarger; the biography is still in progress.

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  1. WHOOPS! — I missed the date of Linebarger’s biography by 2 days. It was actually July 11, 1913. My apologies to the memory of Cordwainer Smith.

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