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My previous website,, was originally assembled about a dozen years ago by Palyne Gaenir. It served me well until Palyne got too busy with larger projects to help me maintain it. For several years I tried to keep it updated with the aid of some free web-construction software, but it got pretty rickety and so difficult for me to deal with that I added very little new material to it.

Recently I asked Knox Bronson, who had done excellent web construction work for my Washington, DC, friend Ralph Benko, to set up a new website for me — and that’s what you’re looking at now. It’s a less homey but cleaner-looking site than, and I’m hoping that the more up-to-date software that Knox has used to put it together will enable me to keep it current. I’ll also try to operate a blog here, under the name of The Elmsblog, with occasional comments that won’t be formal enough to post more-or-less permanently in one of the site’s main categories. I’m not sure how the blog will work out — I write enough every week about one or another of my continuing research projects that I don’t feel any strong need for self-expression through frequent blogging. But things do come up that I want to say something about, and maybe blogging about them will be easier than writing the same notes to several different friends.

Alan Elms

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